Many credit customers leave the traditional way of going to the bank to apply for a loan. This applies in particular to young applicants. These are very affinity with the internet. The banks recognized this and made it possible to apply for credit online. Using a credit calculator, the borrower can enter the desired loan amount and the desired term. The loan calculator determines the effective loan interest as well as the rate. The advantage of these loan calculators is that you can vary the term until the desired loan rate appears.

Once this process is complete, the personal data and the creditworthiness data are recorded online. The bank is also authorized to obtain credit information.

If the analysis is positive, immediate approval is given within a short time. Has this commitment resulted in an effective loan agreement?

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Paycheck loans online from @OakPark are increasing steadily. The immediate commitment is de facto very important. If the information provided by the applicant is correct in terms of content, immediate acceptance is also legally confirmed. In the competition for customers, these commitments are very important for credit providers. The technical development regarding the credit check will be refined in the future. This should make the analysis more meaningful before immediate approval.

These quick commitments are particularly important in the lending business when buying a car. The dealerships check the information against the submitted documents. The promise usually leads to an immediate purchase contract with the car prospect. The default rate due to loan cancellations is so low that car dealers accept this.

The legal situation of the immediate approval

Many of the applicants for such online loans assume that the loan has actually been approved and will be paid out. However, this is not the case!

This immediate commitment must be understood in such a way that the bank signals to the applicant that it may be ready to grant the loan after an initial check. Legally, the online registration means submitting a declaration of intent by the loan applicant. In order for a credit contract to be legally valid, it must be accepted by the bank. However, it will only issue this once it has the required documents and has checked them. The data collected by the applicant could differ from the actual data. Banks often have bank statements of the last 5 to 6 weeks presented to them. If they show several return debits, for example, this is rated negatively and can lead to the rejection of the loan application. In the case of an intensive credit assessment, further negative information can lead to rejection.

If the submitted documents match the entered data and there are no other negative characteristics, the bank will grant a loan. This notification is made either in writing or by email to the applicant. Only now has a credit contract been concluded. The loan amount will now be paid out.